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5 Questions with Jose David

Where do you go to find peace in Houston?

Houston has a lot of options to find peace. I personally like the ability to be outdoors most of the year. I like connecting with nature in Memorial Park, Herman Park, trails in Buffalo Bayou and being close to the water. We also have a city with vibrant art exhibits all over town.

What is one mental health resource in Houston that you wish more people knew about?

The Houston Crisis Hotline, as people often times don't have someone to talk to when we most need it. They also have access to local resources. THE HOTLINE: 832.416.1177 | TEEN: 832.416.1199 (CALL) | TEEN: 281.201.4430 (TEXT)

There are many approaches to therapy. What is something interesting about your approach?

My approach is to have interactive, conversational exchanges about particular challenges in life and focusing on developing skills/tools to address them.

What is one piece of advice you have for people trying to find a therapist?

Finding the right therapist for you is about choosing a therapist whose style matches your personality and has experience dealing with the particular issues you bring to session.

How can people know if they’ve found a therapist who is right for them?

People will know they are with the right therapist when they are comfortable and are able to trust. Give yourself a few sessions to see if this can be achieved.

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