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Couple's/ Partnership Positive Skills

We are now in a time where we possibly spend a lot of quality time with your significant other. Eat, sleep, co-work, cook, cohabitate and manage our different personality types.

1. Talk about each other’s expectations and needs to make this time work.

2. Chat about the need for structure and flexibility at this time.

3. Encourage your partner during this time when you notice them being challenges.

4. Notice how each other handle stress by being supportive.

5. Show appreciation for each other.

6. Do not revert to being like your parents Ugh!

7. Define and conquer roles. Be open to changes, new collaboration and be flexible.

8. Create different spaces to connect. One is work the other one is non work.

9. Differences complement each other.

10. Be patient, be kind, be compassionate and practice gratitude.

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