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Let's Thrive in the New Normal

Yes we are shifting into an uncomfortable and challenging time. We all miss our previous routines, work interactions, daily connections, friendships, relationships and parenting balance. We now know after being in this new reality that this situation might stay with us longer that we would want it to. Here are some practical strategies to thrive in the new normal: Fuel your Mind with positive information like podcasts, books and positive news stories. Focus on Growth activities that will allow you to bounce back and look back fondly to the time you spent. Find Hope in being able to be focus on your ability and that of others to be strong. Welcome you Vulnerability as a human being you will be emotionally impacted it is part of our current shared experience. Creates Space for you feelings and emotions through journaling or daily reflection. Bring Attention to your body to reduce your stress. Practice Acceptance of the situations as they are stop living in denial. Reduce Denial which is a natural enemy of growth and acceptance. Introduce Self-Care strategies to your daily routine. Implement a Routine & Structure for your work/personal activities make sure to separate and create separation between them. A word about Introverts glad to see you are enjoying this time. Extroverts Engage & Connect with others to replenish your energy, we appreciate you.

We are all running a marathon not a sprint. Don’t get burned out at the beginning. We will only get to the finish line of this Marathon by pacing ourselves and being kind to one another.

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